Analyze the behavior of internet users exposed to your advertisement.

Measurement and Analysis

Why invest in measurement and analysis?

The main advantage associated with digital marketing is the ability to analyze the behavior of internet users who are exposed to it. If you’re looking to increase your number of inbound calls, form submissions, or online sales, this service is for you.

Web analytics allows :

  • to measure the profitability of an online presence
  • to analyze the performance of the site throughout the conversion process
  • to detect usability and user experience problems
  • to measure and potentially qualify audience
  • to identify traffic sources
  • to measure the effectiveness and profitability of the various marketing channels used

Our web programmers work with you to capitalize on your website traffic and not miss any opportunities. We make it our duty to show you what the return on investment (ROI) is on your advertising placements. To do this, we closely document every action taken by your visitors.

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Offered services

Mesuring performance

We use a variety of tools to accurately measure the traffic on your website and track interactions on it. This way, we can learn more about your customers and their behavior in order to design strategies that meet their needs.

Advanced analytics

Targeted advertisements, remarketing, personalized audiences, visitor tracking, and behavior tracking: With our powerful web analytics tools, we can accompany your current and future clients throughout the conversion funnel to be relevant no matter the stage of the decision-making process.

E-commerce analytics

An effective online sales strategy involves organizing product flows and tracking your website traffic. We offer turnkey solutionsthat use your actual inventory to create automated campaigns that ensure optimal return on investment.

Tools that meet your expectations.

Because we aim to optimize your advertising budget, we leverage the most effective tools and networks on the internet.