Why Geofencing Is Worth It

Are you in search of the next web trend or an innovative technique to reach out to new customers?

Do you want your ads to appear when a potential customer is shopping at one of your competitors, in a store selling related goods, or during a business conference? The Conversio Marketing team has what you need.

In an era where optimization is the key to success in many aspects of your life, it is necessary to constantly question the status quo in order to progress towards better efficiency. The next logical step in your web strategy may lie within a new technology called geofencing.

What is geofencing?

Think of a fenced-off area. It is now possible for you to target your target audience only within the geographical area they visited thanks to polygonal tracing. Whether it’s a shopping mall, a sports field, a car dealership, the possibilities are endless! It is possible to achieve this kind of technological feat thanks to GPS data shared by users’ mobile devices who consent to share their location. Think about the popular places your target frequents in their daily routine. Why not allocate a budget to reach a large density of potential customers there? In fact, location-based ads are 20 times more effective compared to traditional banners. .


Top 5 reasons why you should integrate geofencing into your web strategy:

A highly profitable hyperlocal strategy

By targeting only those who have visited certain facilities at a given time, it is possible to achieve a very interesting return on investment. Imagine the possibilities for your business! Your target audience is constantly on the move. Instead of trying to target an area encompassing their homes, which can span a vast territory, think about their daily lives. Do they have a frequently visited place in common? This is where you will realize the real value of a tool like geofencing. For a budget equivalent to that of traditional techniques, more people of interest will be able to encounter your value proposition, reducing exposure to off-target individuals.

A more comprehensive analysis of your potential customers

Not only is this targeting method more cost-effective, but it can also provide us with privileged data about our audience and their consumption habits. By targeting multiple distinct locations, we can conduct our analysis in a more segmented manner. In fact, it is possible to pinpoint several distinct areas and compare their performance. This way, we can quickly see which geographic area, which creative, and which offer work best in order to optimize our campaigns and learn more about our clientele. It is by knowing your target audience better that you will be able to adjust your offer based on the determining factors that will be observable. If you already know the demographics and interests of your typical customer, you can now use geofencing to observe what type of stores your best customers visit. This additional information will allow you to validate the consumption habits of these customers and adjust your offer accordingly. Where, at what time of day, and after visiting which store did the prospect convert? These are all pieces of information that are more difficult, if not impossible, to gather in such granular detail.

Lazer precise targeting

You want to target young professionals aged 25 to 35 who are sports fans, but only on weekends after they have visited a leisure store in the past 7 days? The audience created from geofencing adds to traditional targeting types, allowing for the creation of ultra-targeted web marketing campaigns based on your users’ habits. The possibilities go far beyond traditional techniques, which is why your ideal customer has never been more accessible. Take advantage of being a pioneer by trying geofencing now. Feel free to reach out to us. We will explain how your business could benefit from it. We can help improve customer loyalty, increase audience engagement, or even target people who have visited your store in person.

Creating personalized offers and content

As we have just seen, ultra-precise targeting allows you to reach high-quality prospects. When all the elements are in place, the chances of conversion are much higher. You know that after visiting a target area, your prospects will see one of your ads. It is therefore possible to adjust the type of advertisement based on the location visited. Why not give yourself an extra chance by offering a personalized promotion to this audience? A promotional code or an exclusive package are good examples of incentives that can be used in geofencing to increase your chances of success.

Consider offering a promotional deal to sports fans who frequent sports complexes or outdoor leisure stores, or target people who have visited your competitors’ stores to offer them a better price! There are numerous opportunities to capture additional sales.


Geofencing is a highly effective and unique tool that holds a wealth of potential for reaching a very precise audience at opportune moments. Diversifying your online campaigns warrants looking into geofencing to refine our audiences based on the physical positioning of our target audience. As for your business, which locations do your best customers visit?

Feel free to contact our experts to explore the feasibility of such a strategy for your business!

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